Easy, Simple To Use Interface

Let customers check in themselves or give that power to your host. Our unique, yet simple interface ensures there is no learning curve for both customer and host. When using Allgood Waitlist application, restaurants team members simply open it up and everything will be self-explanatory. By keeping things as simple as possible, we guarantee that your customers don’t get frustrated when entering the waitlist. Allgood waitlist system sync across multiple devices so that that everyone can see the same thing. It helps host control everything easier from one central device.

Improve Customer Experience

Customizable messages give businesses the power to communicate with customers, stimulate conversations and increase buyer satisfaction.

Cost Efficient, No Contract, Cancel/Restore at Anytime

Have the power to cancel/restore your service at any time. With no contracts and no obligations, you have the freedom to do what’s best for your business. Use the system for one month or one year, it’s all the same to us.

Give It a Try – Free Trial

Try out our system with no obligations. Use our free trial to evaluate the system and see how it fits your needs. Additionally, your first 500 messages are free.

Premium Plan

Ultra Plan

Unlimited Plan

Experience a revolutionary waitlist app and text message notification system.

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